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Top 5 Luxury Brands Worth Investing in 2024

Posted on 03.29.24

Are you looking to elevate your cooking space and take it to the next level? Consider investing in a luxury brand! In this blog, our appliance experts present 5 high-end brands worth investing in 2024:

1. Sub-Zero, Wolf & Cove
2. JennAir
3. Miele
4. Thermador
5. Signature Kitchen Suite

These brands offer high performance and longevity while maintaining a luxurious aspect, transforming your kitchen into a dream space. Let’s get started!…

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Convection vs Conventional Oven: Which Oven Is Better?

Posted on 03.19.24

Choosing the right wall oven for sale is a decision that will impact your cooking experience. When shopping for a wall oven you will encounter two heating types: convection and conventional. Both have their strengths and considerations. So, which one is the right fit for your kitchen?

In this blog, our appliance experts break down the characteristics of each type, comparing their functionalities, advantages, and considerations. By the end, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision tailored to your cooking needs. Let’s get started!…

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Choosing the Best Dishwasher for Your Kitchen in 2024

Posted on 02.21.24

A reliable dishwasher is a kitchen essential that saves us plenty of time and effort. With technology advancing constantly, choosing the best dishwasher for your kitchen in 2024 involves considering various factors to ensure you get the most efficient and suitable appliance.

Our experts at DeWaard & Bode will walk you through the steps to make an informed decision and highlight featured models that stand out in the market.…

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What to Know Before Buying a Stackable Washer-Dryer

Posted on 02.12.24

Stackable washer-dryers have become a top choice for many homeowners looking to optimize their laundry spaces. Their design allows users to have both a washer and dryer in a single vertical unit, making them ideal for tight spaces or closets. But wait! Before you decide to buy a stackable unit, it is very important to keep in mind the considerations our appliance experts are about to share. Let’s get started! …

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Is a Low Profile Microwave Right For You?

Posted on 01.26.24

Discover how low profile microwaves provide a fantastic solution for those looking to save space in their kitchen. These modern and sleek alternatives seamlessly blend into your cabinetry, offering a perfect mix of practicality and style. In this blog, we'll cover the benefits, drawbacks, and key features of these units, helping you make an informed decision about the ideal kitchen addition. Additionally, our appliance experts at DeWaard & Bode have picked some featured models you should consider when looking for these units.

Join us as we journey through the world of low profile microwaves, enhancing your cooking experience while keeping things simple and convenient in your kitchen.…

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Front vs.Top-Load Washers: Choosing the Right Fit

Posted on 01.16.24

Washing machines come in two primary types: front load and top load. The choice between a front-load and a top-load washer isn't just about cleaning clothes. It's a decision that impacts efficiency, convenience, and even the wear and tear on your garments. Understanding their differences and weighing the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision when selecting the right washing machine for your needs.…

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Which Stearns & Foster Mattress Is the Best?

Posted on 12.29.23

Are you currently in the market for a new mattress and considering buying a Stearns & Foster mattress? Renowned for curating high-quality and great customer reviews, Stearns & Foster boasts an impressive lineup comprising the Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid, and Reserve models. These variations offer a rich spectrum of choices, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs.

By exploring the specifics of each collection, our goal is to help you understand the differences and key features that each of them offer, so you can make an informed decision that aligns with your sleep preferences and needs. So, let’s check out each of Stearns & Foster mattress series!…

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5 Kitchen Appliances to Gift Yourself This Christmas

Posted on 12.15.23

The holiday season is a time of joy, giving, and a little self-indulgence. While considering gifts for loved ones, why not treat yourself to something that transforms your kitchen into a place of comfort and convenience? This year, we encourage you to consider gifting yourself a kitchen appliance that promises to elevate your daily experience in the kitchen.…

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Should You Buy an Adjustable Bed Base?

Posted on 11.22.23

Adjustable bed bases have become very popular lately, and there's a good reason behind it. Research indicates that these beds can improve how long and how well you sleep. This is thanks to their capability to lift your head, feet, or both, giving you more sleeping options compared to a regular flat base or foundation.…

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5 Easy Recipes for Hosting The Holidays

Posted on 11.16.23

Get ready to impress your guests this holiday season with our collection of easy and delicious recipes! If you're searching for tasty dishes that will leave your guests and family wanting more, look no further. We've put together 5 simple yet delicious recipes perfect for festive gatherings.…

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Baking Battle: Gas vs. Electric Ovens - Which Is Right for You?

Posted on 10.24.23

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people are beginning to plan their festive meals and consider upgrading their kitchen appliances. However, deciding between a gas and electric oven can be a tough choice for most of us.…

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Is the LG WashTower the Right Choice for You?

Posted on 10.18.23

According to Statista, over 80% of American households have a laundry washer in their homes. These rates are even higher in other nations, such as the UK, Germany, Japan, and Spain. As the popularity of laundry machines continues to rise, you will find numerous reputable brands available in the world of appliances. Among those reputable brands, LG stands out as one of the top options.…

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The Best Built-In Coffee Machines for Your Kitchen

Posted on 9.29.23

Having a built-in coffee machine in your kitchen is definitely a game-changer. Imagine waking up to the soothing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, ready to kickstart your day. In this blog, our appliance experts at DeWaard & Bode will help us explore the world of built-in coffee machines.…

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Are Miele Appliances Worth the Price Tag?

Posted on 9.26.23

When it comes to household appliances, there are numerous brands to consider. One brand that consistently stands out in terms of quality and innovation is Miele, an award-winning brand widely known as one of the most trusted names in the appliance industry. In this article, our appliance experts at Dewaard & Bode will explore the world of Miele appliances, examining what they have to offer and why they are considered well worth their premium price tag.…

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Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Garage Freezer

Posted on 8.24.23

In today's dynamic homes, garage freezers have evolved into an essential addition, providing invaluable extra storage for frozen goods and serving as a handy backup during grocery runs. Impressively, over 16 million households across the United States have recognized the benefits of having a secondary refrigeration unit in their garages, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).…

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