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Fridge Organization Ideas From DeWaard & Bode

Posted on 12.29.22

Whether we like to admit it or not, the average person’s refrigerator most likely needs a little work. If you’ve experienced the soul-crushing disappointment of eagerly looking through your fridge to find your favorite snack only to be left empty-handed, then weeks later you magically happen to find that forgotten snack pack stuffed in the back of the fridge. Yeah, it happens to the best of us…..

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In order to avoid those disappointing situations and get the most out of your perishable goods and refrigerator, we have rounded up the best fridge organization ideas just in time for the New Year. Unlike all those New Year resolutions that we never keep (it’s the thought that counts right?), these refrigerator organization tips are simple and efficient to ensure you stick to them all year long!

How To Organize Your Fridge

The Basics

Before we get into the tips and tricks that will have you getting the most out of your fridge and food, let’s go over a few of the basic organizational structures your fridge should be following in order to optimize efficiency, freshness, and cleanliness.

For starters, make sure you are always keeping your fruits and vegetables separated from one another as most fruits produce a gas that can cause vegetables to decompose and spoil at a faster rate. We suggest keeping your preferred condiments in the door for easy access and any spreads, eggs, and dairy products on the upper shelving since those areas tend to be the warmest sections.

Your meat, poultry, and seafood should always be stored in the bottom section of your fridge to avoid any juices dripping and contaminating other foods. The middle to bottom sections of a fridge also tends to be the coldest areas which are great for keeping raw meats and perishable goods fresh longer.

Fruits and veggies should be kept in the crisper of your unit (crispers are drawers/bins that offer a more humid environment), most modern refrigerators have these conveniently built in. Any pre packaged or prepared snacks should be front and center in your fridge for easy access and clear visibility.

Lastly, the most important thing when it comes to keeping your fridge organized is frequently cleaning and clearing it out. Form a habit of cleaning your refrigerator unit and inventory once every two weeks or once a week before you head out to purchase your groceries.

Fridge Organization Ideas

Bins and Storage

This is probably one of the simplest and best things you can implement in your fridge organization strategy. Adding clear different-sized plastic bins to group together different items such as certain snacks or fruits will help you optimize your storage space and easily keep track of all of your food items.

Remove Packaging

We fully suggest getting rid of bulky and unnecessary product packaging that takes up way too much space in your fridge. For instance, when you buy a 12-pack of your favorite soda or juice, throw away the cardboard box and place the beverage cans in a clear bin instead. Another great example of this would be tossing out the bulky packaging that is commonly found in most snack packs and organizing those items in fridge bins as well.

Label Your Bins

Labeling your clear storage bins will help you and your family quickly find what you are looking for without making a mess and ensures that items are placed in their proper area. This can be as simple as adding a piece of duck tape or purchasing pre-written label stickers to place on the bins.

Reusable Bags

When it comes to storing leftovers try using a reusable bag instead of large tupperware that can take up a lot of space in your fridge. Reusable bags are a great environmentally friendly option and can be used to store a variety of foods. Apart from storing your leftovers, they can be used to create personal snack packs that are loaded and ready to take on the go for easy and portable school or work snacks.

Shelf Liners

Adding shelf liners is an easy way to protect your unit from messy spills and avoid unwanted bacteria or odors. There are endless options of shelf liners available for purchase which have different designs and materials to get the job done.

Put Perishables Front and Center

Our last tip is to put your perishable food items front and center where they are easily visible as soon as you open the refrigerator door. This will help you avoid food waste and effortlessly keep better track of what essential items you need to restock up on your next grocery run.

Refrigerators For Great Organization

JennAir 72 Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Why We Love It: The JennAir Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator has a sleek modern appearance with various amazing features that are perfect for keeping your fridge neat and organized. Two of our favorite organizational features are the adjustable humidity-controlled crisper drawers to store your fruit and veggies and a temperature-controlled gourmet bay drawer with a self-opening lid.


• Electronic climate control system

• Automatic ice maker with storage bin

• Internal water dispenser

• Adjustable glass shelves with spill shield technology

• Humidity-controlled crisper drawers

• Temperature-controlled gourmet bay drawer with a self-opening lid

• Glide out freezer drawer with smooth close drawer track system

• LED lighting

• Counter-depth

GE Profile GE Profile Smart Fingerprint Resistant 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator

Why We Love It: This high-tech fingerprint-resistant stainless steel unit comes included with removable caddy bins, soft close vegetable drawer, and an adjustable temperature drawer. All of these are great options to have when optimizing your storage organization in your fridge. This model also comes with convenient door-in-door storage to store your favorite items for quick and easy access.


• Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel

• Hands-free auto fill

• LED lighting

• Door-in-door storage

• Adjustable temperature drawer

• Removable bin caddy

• Built-in Wifi

• Soft close vegetable drawer

• Advanced water filtration

• In-door ice maker

• Turbo cool and freeze

LG 24 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Why We Love It: The LG Smart Counter-Depth refrigerator is a great option for anyone looking for a lot of fresh food storage space. With its Slim SpacePlus Ice System, this unit is able to provide more shelf space as well as more space for outdoor bins. Offering an immense 24 cubic feet of storage space, this fridge gives you more than enough space to stock up and store all of your favorite foods. Storage bins work amazingly well here to keep your food well organized and within reach.


• 24 cubic feet of space

• Cool Guard

• Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice

• Tall Ice & Water Dispenser with Measured Fill

• ThinQ Technology with ThinQ Care

• Counter-depth

Ready To Purchase?

If you would like more information on which refrigerator is right for you, visit us at any of our Bellingham or Burlington, Washington locations. Our trained specialists will gladly help you decide which of our many appliances is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Offering a wide inventory of the best brands such as GE Appliances, LG, and Whirlpool, DeWaard & Bode has everything you are looking for and more. We also proudly offer flexible financing solutions, giving you the convenient option to pay monthly for your state-of-the-art home appliances.

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24 cu. ft. Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™

LG Appliances 24 cu. ft. Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™


GE Profile™ ENERGY STAR® 27.9 Cu. Ft. Smart Fingerprint Resistant 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator with Door In Door

GE Profile ™ ENERGY STAR® 27.9 Cu. Ft. Smart Fingerprint Resistant 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator with Door In Door


72 Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

JennAir 72 Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator


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