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The Most Reliable Refrigerators For Your Kitchen

Posted on 7.19.23

When it comes to equipping your kitchen with the best appliances, a reliable refrigerator is an absolute must-have. A top-quality refrigerator not only keeps your perishables fresh but also enhances the overall look and functionality of your kitchen. We have selected a few of the most reliable refrigerator models on the market for you to explore.


If you want to learn tips and tricks on how to keep your new fridge organized, head to our blog “Fridge Organization Ideas From DeWaard & Bode”. Keep reading to find out why these models stand out as reliable options for your kitchen and learn about their unique features and benefits.

LG Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator: LRFXC2416S

The LRFXC2416S refrigerator is a true marvel in refrigeration technology. With its spacious interior and cutting-edge features, it offers everything you need for efficient food storage. Equipped with a state-of-the-art cooling system, it maintains a consistent temperature throughout, ensuring your food stays fresher for longer. Its sleek design and stainless-steel finish add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, while its robust construction and high-quality materials guarantee durability.

Top Features:

• Wi-Fi Enabled

• Dual Ice Maker With Craft Ice

• Smart Learner Intuitive Performance

LG STUDIO Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator: SRFVC2406S

The SRFVC2406S refrigerator is a perfect fusion of style and functionality. Its French-door design allows easy access to your favorite items, while the adjustable shelving and customizable compartments offer versatile storage options. The InstaView Door-in-Door adds convenience to your daily routine, and with its Energy Star certification, this LG Studio refrigerator is not only reliable but also energy-efficient.

Top Features:

• InstaView Door-in-Door

• 24 Cubic Feet Capacity

• Craft Ice Maker

LG Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator:LRFVC2406S

If you seek a refrigerator that combines modern aesthetics with advanced features, the LRFVC2406S is the answer. This counter-depth refrigerator not only complements your kitchen's look but also maximizes the available space. A combination of three cooling technologies helps maintain optimal temperature levels, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for an extended period. Its PrintProof finish resists fingerprints and smudges to keep your kitchen looking its best.

Top Features:

• PrintProof Finish

• InstaView Door-in-Door

• Three Cooling Technologies

LG Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator:LRFXC2416D

For those looking for a reliable refrigerator that doesn’t skimp on style, this smart LG counter-depth fridge is a fantastic choice. This refrigerator boasts a Cool Guard metal interior panel wall that helps maintain cold air while adding a premium look. It also features an Intuitive smart learner that analyzes habits to anticipate temperature, ice & energy needs. Additionally, it features a water and ice dispenser that can accommodate any bottle size.

Top Features:

• Energy Star Certified

• Wi-Fi Enabled

• Cool Guard

Refrigerator Brands You Can Trust

When it comes to reliable refrigerators, several renowned brands have made their mark in the market. Let's explore one of the most dependable refrigeration brands on the market and see why they are known for producing top-quality, dependable refrigerators.

LG Appliances: Innovation and Expertise

With a long-standing history of excellence and innovation, LG Appliances has carved a niche for itself as a reliable brand that produces top-notch refrigerators designed to stand the test of time. LG was founded in 1958 in South Korea and over the decades the brand has grown exponentially and become a global leader in the electronics and home appliance industry.

One of the primary reasons for LG's success is its unwavering commitment to delivering products of uncompromising quality, earning the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

Decades of Experience and Expertise: With a rich history spanning more than six decades, LG Appliances has honed its craft and perfected its engineering prowess. The brand's dedication to continuous research and development has allowed it to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that its refrigerators are equipped with cutting-edge features and functionalities.

Innovative Technologies: LG has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, integrating the latest technologies into its refrigerators. From advanced cooling systems that maintain optimal temperatures to energy-efficient compressors that reduce electricity consumption, LG Appliances strives to provide appliances that not only meet consumers' needs but also exceed their expectations.

Quality You Can Rely On:LG's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of its refrigerator manufacturing process. Rigorous quality control measures are applied at every step, from design to production, to ensure that each refrigerator that bears the LG name is crafted to perfection. This dedication to quality has earned LG Appliances numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its position as a trusted and dependable brand.

Durability and Longevity: LG Appliances has been synonymous with durability, and their refrigerators are no exception. Crafted with robust materials and engineered with precision, LG refrigerators are built to withstand the demands of daily use and serve households for many years to come. This focus on durability not only reduces the need for frequent repairs but also minimizes the impact on the environment through reduced waste.

What Makes A Reliable Refrigerator?

A reliable refrigerator is more than just a stylish appliance; it's a vital investment in your kitchen that impacts the freshness and longevity of your food. Understanding the key elements that contribute to a dependable refrigerator will help you select a dependable model for your home.

Temperature Consistency: One of the essential factors in a reliable refrigerator is its ability to maintain consistent temperatures throughout its compartments. Look for models with precise temperature controls that allow you to adjust settings according to your specific storage needs.

Food Preservation Features: Technologies like humidity-controlled drawers, air filtration systems, and specialized compartments for fruits and vegetables all contribute to keeping your food fresh for an extended period. These features not only ensure the longevity of your perishables but also minimize food waste, making your kitchen more sustainable.

Quality and Durability:The durability of a refrigerator is a crucial aspect of its reliability. Dependable refrigerators are constructed using high-quality materials and components that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Look for models from reputable brands known for their commitment to craftsmanship and longevity.

Energy Efficiency:A reliable refrigerator not only preserves your food but also conserves energy, reducing your utility bills and environmental impact. Energy-efficient refrigerators are designed to consume less electricity while still providing optimal cooling performance. Seek models with an Energy Star certification, which indicates that the refrigerator meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Brand Reputation: A brand's reputation and commitment to customer support are vital indicators of a refrigerator's reliability. Opt for well-established brands with a history of producing dependable appliances and providing excellent customer service.

Shop Reliable Refrigerators Near You

With a rich history of serving our community since 1946, DeWaard & Bode has built a reputation for providing exceptional products and customer service. Our wide range of refrigerator types, such as French-door, top mount, bottom freezer, built-in, and side-by-side refrigerators, caters to diverse preferences and kitchen requirements. No matter what you are looking for, we have something to suit every taste and budget.

When you shop at DeWaard & Bode, you can be confident that you're investing in a refrigerator that will not only enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen but also provide you with years of reliable performance. We proudly carry only the best brands in the industry, such as LG, Bosch, Café, GE, KitchenAid, Fisher & Payke, Frigidaire, and more.

Visit our appliance stores in Bellingham and Burlington, WA, today to explore our wide selection of refrigerators and other premium kitchen and home appliances, including ovens, ranges, dishwashers, hoods, and more. Experience the convenience, style, and dependability that our kitchen appliances proudly offer and build the home of your dreams!


24 cu. ft. Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™

LG Appliances 24 cu. ft. Smart Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™


24 cu. ft. Smart InstaView® Door-in-Door® Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™

LG Appliances 24 cu. ft. Smart InstaView® Door-in-Door® Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™


LG STUDIO 24 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView® Door-in-Door® Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ Maker

LG Appliances LG STUDIO 24 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView® Door-in-Door® Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ Maker


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