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Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Garage Freezer

Posted on 8.24.23

In today's dynamic homes, garage freezers have evolved into an essential addition, providing invaluable extra storage for frozen goods and serving as a handy backup during grocery runs. Impressively, over 16 million households across the United States have recognized the benefits of having a secondary refrigeration unit in their garages, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

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In this comprehensive guide, our freezer experts at DeWaard & Bode will take you through everything you need to know about buying the best garage freezer for your home. Whether you're a seasoned homeowner or a new buyer, our team will help you make an informed decision. If you are interested in learning more about refrigerator and freezer solutions, head to our blog “The Most Reliable Refrigerators For Your Kitchen”.

What Is a Garage Ready Freezer?

A garage ready freezer is specifically designed to withstand the unique conditions present in a garage environment. Unlike traditional freezers meant for indoor use, garage freezers are built to endure varying temperatures, from hot summers to freezing winters. They're well-insulated and equipped with robust compressors to maintain a consistent internal temperature despite external fluctuations. This makes them an ideal choice for those who need extra freezer space for storing bulk purchases, garden harvests, or even for keeping beverages cool during outdoor gatherings.

Types of Garage Ready Freezers

As you continue to learn more about garage freezers, you will encounter two main types: upright freezers and chest freezers.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers resemble standard refrigerators and offer the advantage of vertical storage. They come with shelves and drawers that make it easy to organize and access your frozen items. Upright freezers are a great choice to keep your frozen foods within easy reach and prefer the convenience of shelving.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers, on the other hand, provide more storage capacity and energy efficiency. Their top-opening design traps cold air inside even when the lid is opened, making them ideal for long-term storage. They are often considered more space-efficient since they don't have shelves, allowing you to stack items on top of each other.

Garage Freezer Buying Guide

Buying the best garage freezer involves considering several important factors to ensure you get the most suitable unit for your needs. Please consider following these steps provided by our experts:

1. Size and Capacity

Begin by assessing the available space in your garage. Measure the dimensions accurately to determine the maximum size your freezer can be. Consider how much frozen food you typically store and opt for a freezer with ample capacity. Remember, a well-stocked freezer is more energy-efficient, so aim for a size that suits your needs without leaving too much unused space.

2. Temperature Range

One of the key features of a garage ready freezer is its ability to operate effectively in a wide temperature range. Look for a freezer that can maintain a consistent temperature even in extreme weather conditions. A reliable garage freezer should be able to function well in temperatures ranging from subzero to high heat.

3. Energy Efficiency

Since a freezer operates around the clock, it's important to choose an energy-efficient model to keep your electricity bills in check. Look for freezers with the ENERGY STAR label, as these are designed to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

4. Security Features

Consider security features like lockable lids or doors, especially if you have children or pets around. Locks can prevent unwanted access and help keep your frozen items safe.

5. Price and Warranty

Set a budget for your garage freezer and explore options within that range. While it's tempting to go for the lowest price, prioritize quality and features that meet your needs. Also, check for a manufacturer's warranty that covers repairs or replacements in case of defects.

Garage Freezer Featured Models

If you are ready to buy a garage freezer, our experts have listed their favorite options to help you decide:

Garage Ready Chest Freezer

Our Pick: Whirlpool 16 Cu. Ft. Convertible Freezer to Refrigerator with Baskets - WZC5116LW

Why We Like It:
Introducing the Convertible Freezer-to-Fridge – a versatile appliance that adapts to your family's varying needs. Whether you need extra freezer room or additional storage for fresh groceries, this flexible solution has you covered. The LED Lighting enhances visibility, making it easy to spot items with the illuminated interior.

Enjoy the added convenience of the Counterbalanced Lid, which allows for effortless two-handed access to items or convenient organization of your food items while keeping the lid in place as you prefer. Simplify organization with the Raised Shelf and Divider, creating a designated accessible area for your family's preferred products. This adaptable appliance enhances your kitchen's functionality and versatility, seamlessly transitioning between freezing and refrigeration to match your evolving lifestyle.

Our Pick: GE ®7.0 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer - FCM7STWW

Why We Like It:
Experience peace of mind with this model equipped with the Power Outage Promise – during power disruptions, your frozen items remain preserved for up to 48 hours at temperatures of 32 degrees F or lower. Enjoy the convenience of Two Plastic Lift-Out, Sliding Baskets, allowing you to easily arrange and access your preferred foods. Additionally, the Exterior Power "On" Light eliminates the need to open the door to check if the freezer is operational, making it simple to verify its status at a glance.

Garage Ready Upright Freezer

Our Pick: Frigidaire 20.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer - FFUE2022AW

Why We Like It:
Ensure your frozen foods remain in optimal condition with the Door Ajar and High Temp Alarm, which audibly notifies you if the freezer door is left open or if the temperature rises. Easily monitor your freezer's status with the Floor-Projected Power-On Indicator, providing visual assurance that your favorites are safely frozen and preserved. The Auto-Close Doors feature prevents food spoilage and melting treats by automatically shutting the door if left ajar by 5 or fewer inches.

Avoid icy build-up with the Frost-Free Design that eliminates the need for manual defrosting. Enjoy increased capacity without compromising space, as the 20 cu. ft. upright freezer fits in the footprint of a traditional 17 cu. ft. model.

Our Pick: GE ®17.3 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Garage Ready Upright Freezer - FUF17DLRWW

Why We Like It:
Select the perfect match for your requirements from a variety of sizes available. Efficiently arrange items on four glass shelves in this upright freezer, two of which can be adjusted for added flexibility. Enjoy improved storage convenience using the clear slide-out bin, allowing easy organization and identification. Safeguard your valuable food with the lock and key security feature, preventing unintended access.

Experience the advantages of the Turbo Freeze function, which reestablishes the desired temperature to keep food fresh. Additionally, gain reassurance from the Power Outage Promise, which ensures frozen food remains preserved for up to 48 hours during power interruptions (at 32 degrees F or lower), providing peace of mind in unexpected situations.

Find Your Perfect Freezer at DeWaard & Bode

Whether you opt for an upright freezer for easy organization or a chest freezer for maximum storage, remember to prioritize features like size, temperature range, energy efficiency, and security.

Discover a wider selection of upright and chest freezers available for purchase at DeWaard & Bode by exploring our online freezer inventory. Should you have additional questions about garage freezers, feel free to get in touch with us or visit our stores in Bellingham or Burlington, WA. Our team of freezer specialists is prepared to address any questions you may have.

If you already own a garage freezer, but it needs repairing, make sure to give us a call or request our repair services today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Freezers

What does "garage ready freezer" mean?

A garage ready freezer is a type of freezer designed to operate effectively in the varying temperature conditions typically found in garages.

Do I need a garage ready freezer?

If you plan to place the freezer in your garage, where temperatures can vary, a garage ready freezer is recommended to ensure optimal performance. However, if the freezer will be indoors, where temperatures are controlled, a regular freezer should be enough.

Are there any cons to buying a garage freezer?

While garage ready freezers are convenient for extra storage, one potential downside is that they might consume slightly more energy in extreme temperatures.

Is it okay to have a fully stocked garage freezer?

Keeping your freezer fully stocked helps distribute and maintain the temperature more efficiently within the freezer, while also reducing the energy needed to maintain a cool temperature.

What should I look for when buying a garage freezer?

Consider factors like size, temperature range, energy efficiency, security features, and warranty when purchasing a garage freezer.

Can I place a regular freezer in my garage?

While it's possible, a regular freezer may not perform well in the fluctuating temperatures of a garage. It's better to invest in a garage ready freezer for optimal performance.

How do I maintain my garage freezer?

Keep the freezer clean, defrost it regularly, and ensure proper ventilation around the unit. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance tips.

Are all chest freezers “garage ready”?

Not all chest freezers are garage ready. Make sure to check the features of your specific model to ensure that it is a garage ready model.

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16 Cu. Ft. Convertible Freezer to Refrigerator with Baskets

Whirlpool 16 Cu. Ft. Convertible Freezer to Refrigerator with Baskets


®7.0 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

GE ®7.0 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer


 20.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer

Frigidaire 20.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer


®ENERGY STAR® 17.3 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Garage Ready Upright Freezer

GE ®ENERGY STAR® 17.3 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Garage Ready Upright Freezer


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